Every employer looking to fill a role wants to find the best talent who can exceed at the job and bring invaluable insight and experience to the company. The issue is, every employer has this goal, making it an extremely competitive market to attract the most viable candidates, especially in the technical recruitment industry.

The technical sector is a varied but highly skilled one, and the pool of candidates isn’t massive. From an employer’s perspective, there are a number of practices you can implement in order to attract the best applicants in the market for your technical role.

Be Concise in Your Job Advert

Job adverts are the first thing a job seeker will see. They will read through the role and what’s expected, and they will then make a decision as to whether their skills fit the profile. If the job advert is too embellished or not descriptive enough, you’ll get unsuitable applicants coming forwards. They will either be too advanced or not skilled enough, and you’ll end up back at square one. In the meantime, your dream candidate could’ve already been snapped up by a competitor.

Ensure your job advert is concise and a true representation of what you’re looking for.

Recognise Potential as Well as Experience

Many employers gloss over candidates who don’t have the desired level of experience, often under the assumption that experience correlates directly to talent and suitability. This isn’t necessarily the case, and too often, employers miss out on the best candidates, purely because they’re graduates or not quite as experienced. Experience doesn’t automatically mean that someone is qualified, so make sure you recognise applicants for their potential.

Refine Your Interview Process

Too often, the perfect fit for a job is turned off by a long and drawn-out application process. If your process entails multiple forms, screening sessions and interviews, there’s a good chance you’ll lose some of the best applicants along the way. Keep the process concise and timely to keep people interested.

Promote a Positive Company Culture

A good salary used to be the number one thing employees looked for in a job, but that’s no longer the case. Positive company culture and working environment are what most candidates hold at the top of their list, meaning you need to ensure your workplace is a good, enjoyable place to be. You can promote this through employer branding which will, in turn, boost your reputation and generate a pool of excellent candidates for the future.

Offer Competitive Employment Packages

If you want to not only attract but also retain top talent candidates, you need to be offering competitive employment packages. It is this that will set you apart from your competitors in a candidate-driven market, and that’s why it’s so important to offer perks and benefits applicants will appreciate. This could include extended annual leave and wellbeing assets, or it could be investing in candidate’s futures through enrolling them on training courses.

Hiring Technical Talent

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