As we approach the new year, businesses are putting provisions in place to optimise their sales strategy. In order to do this, sales teams need to be provided with the foundations for success. For candidates to perform well in sales jobs, the company needs to ensure that certain expectations are being met.

Here at BMS Performance, we’re sales recruitment specialists, meaning we’re equipped to share the most successful sales tips with you. You’re sure to achieve sales team success as long as you facilitate your team to accomplish greatness.

Creating a personalised experience is imperative to convey your care for employees and the company alike. Similarly, if you communicate your expectations clearly, then your employees will be better equipped to deliver. So, how should you be setting your sales team up for success in the coming year?

One-on-One Coaching

First thing’s first, you should take time out of your busy schedule to ensure each of your employees receives one-on-one coaching. Though this can take up a lot of time that many sales managers don’t have at their disposal, it’s a necessary measure for your team to reach peak performance. Regular and consistent coaching is the best way to ensure that your team is skilled, confident, and productive.

The statistics speak for themselves, with companies that provide ample coaching seeing a 16.7% growth in their annual revenue. Additionally, proper training equips your team to deal with any situation, meaning that they’re prepared for any difficult encounters. One-on-one coaching allows you to pave your company’s way to success.

Encourage Continued Learning

Everyone receives training during their onboarding process, but did you know that 87% of employees forget what they’ve learnt in a meagre 30 days? In order to avoid this, your employees should constantly be learning to memorise and improve on business methods. This doesn’t have to be done through formal training which may feel patronising to an experienced employee. Instead, you should formulate a strategic business plan that weaves regular training within it.

Use Technology

We’re living in a technological age, meaning sales methods are constantly evolving. In order to keep up with the current sales sphere, you should ensure that your company’s technology is up to date. If you fall behind on the technology front, your team will inevitably fall behind on the sales front.

Most sales companies now use a cloud-based CRM that allows you to effectively keep track of clients and calls. Furthermore, headsets and tablets give employees the means of multitasking and working on the go. Ultimately, the necessary technology allows for efficiency which will, in turn, streamline your sales process.

Streamline the Sales Process

Speaking of streamlining, putting a general sales process in place will better equip your team to reach sales goals. We understand that the sales sector doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach, but you can put a template in place to streamline the training and learning process.

For example, you might create a playbook based on the tactics of your best-performing sales reps that can be shared with their otherwise underperforming counterparts. This allows for efficient training and a consistent sales approach across the entire team. With this being said, the same method won’t work with every client, so be sure to allow for some flexibility.

We’re Here to Help

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