In this episode of The Recruitment Roundup Podcast, the focus is on the common challenges that hiring managers encounter when seeking to hire marketing professionals. Mike and Ed explore the three primary hurdles faced by hiring managers and offers insights on how to overcome these challenges.

The episode begins by highlighting the importance of marketing professionals in driving business growth and the increased demand for top talent in the field. The host emphasizes that hiring managers often face specific difficulties in recruiting marketers due to the unique nature of the marketing role and the evolving industry landscape.

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Key Takeaways:

Salary: Salary is a critical factor when attracting top marketing talent. Hiring managers may face challenges if the company’s salary offerings are not competitive in the market. To overcome this challenge, it’s essential for organisations to conduct salary research and benchmark their compensation packages against industry standards. Offering competitive salaries ensures that the company remains attractive to top marketing candidates and increases the likelihood of successful recruitment.

Progression: Marketing professionals, like any other employees, seek opportunities for growth and career progression. If hiring managers cannot clearly communicate the potential for career advancement within the company, it may deter top marketing candidates from accepting offers. To address this challenge, hiring managers should emphasise the career development opportunities available, showcase success stories of marketers who have advanced within the company, and outline a clear career path for candidates.

Company Perception: How the company is perceived in the job market can significantly impact the recruitment of marketing professionals. A positive company reputation and strong employer brand can attract top talent, while a negative perception or lack of brand recognition may discourage potential candidates. Hiring managers should work on building and maintaining a positive employer brand through employer branding initiatives, positive employee experiences, and showcasing the company’s values, culture, and accomplishments.

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