Any company on the hunt for new talent knows the importance of diversity in today’s society. It’s vital that a company is an inclusive space, providing opportunities for graduates from all backgrounds to give everyone an equal playing field.

As recruitment specialists, we understand the value of recruiting diverse talent and strongly encourage our clients to recruit a graduate from a diverse background. For a modern business to thrive they must welcome difference, respect difference, work with difference, and live with difference.

This diversity can provide your business with a multitude of benefits. In creating a fairer industry, the diversity of your company should always be considered when recruiting new graduates.

What is Diversity Recruitment?

Diversity covers the main areas of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. Ultimately, your team should mirror the society that it’s in, consisting of various types of people. This makes your business a safe space for all manner of people which is imperative to a successful company.

Why is A Diversity Recruitment Plan Important?

Not only is graduate diversity recruiting morally right, but it is also beneficial to innovation, performance, and productivity. Diverse recruitment leads to improved language and cultural awareness, making your company accessible to a wider range of employees and consumers.

Additionally, it creates a mixed candidate pool which is beneficial to a company’s problem-solving methods. A diverse workforce is not fuelled by bias, resulting in improved creativity and more well-rounded decisions in the workplace.

The advantages of recruiting a diverse workforce don’t stop there as companies with diverse management teams have 19% higher revenues. Similarly, diverse companies are 1.7 times more likely to be leaders in their market sectors. Meanwhile, 85% of CEOs have recorded that a diverse workforce improved their bottom lines.

How Can You Reduce Bias in Your Recruitment and Hiring System?

Now the importance of diversity recruiting has been established, you must ask yourself how to recruit diverse candidates. One way you might do this is by auditing your recruitment adverts so that they are not geared towards a particular demographic. If a candidate doesn’t feel addressed in your recruitment ad, they will not be interested in applying.

Another method of recruiting a diverse workforce is the targeting of areas where diverse candidates come together. For example, there are online groups that are comprised of women in technology which will allow you to recruit women to an otherwise male-dominated field.

Additionally, you could offer internships to targeted groups to encourage people from an assortment of backgrounds to enter your company’s field of interest. This encourages growth for disadvantaged groups whilst creating a foundation of new and diverse talent.

Lastly, you can create company policies that cater to the needs of diverse candidates. For example, much like Christmas, you should implement days off for other religious holidays to cater to a range of religions. Similarly, you should respect prayer times and other cultural or racial differences to daily routines. It must be recognised that everyone is different, and one workday will not cater to the needs of everyone.

Recruit Diverse Graduates

The recruitment of diverse graduates creates a varied and exciting working atmosphere that can’t be matched by any other means. Not only is it morally right that everyone gets equal opportunities, but your company will greatly benefit from both a creative and financial perspective.

If you’re looking to improve the diversity of your company with fresh new graduates, please get in touch. We know the best way on how to recruit diverse students and will lend a helping hand in the expansion of your business.