As the cost-of-living crisis continues to affect the lives of British citizens, employers and employees alike are wondering if there will be a recession in 2022 in the UK. Should the 2022 recession take place, it’s sure to affect multiple businesses in various ways. For instance, employers will need to ensure that they have the top talent on board to sustain the recession. This top talent can come in the form of graduates; they may not be among the most experienced, but they’re certainly among the most enthusiastic and eager to learn. In addition to such eagerness and enthusiasm, there are some essential skills that a grad sales team must possess, as detailed below.

Being competitive

A competitive spirit is one of the biggest driving factors behind being a successful sales professional. A bit of healthy competition is what makes sales professionals thrive, as it provides them with an incentive to consistently seek leads. If employers are anxious about a recession coming in 2022 in the UK, there are things they can do to inspire this competitive nature. For example, the top-performing salesperson might receive some kind of reward from the company. If a sales team member lacks competitiveness completely, they won’t be inspired to keep powering through the recession.

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Being open to more training

In light of the impending global recession in 2022, staff may require further training about how to deal with the challenges. The employees must be open to this training to be successful. If staff aren’t happy to receive this training, they won’t engage with it or take the guidance on board, rendering it useless. This training is important, as fresh graduates won’t have had to deal with a recession before. For an industry like sales, a recession will be a huge factor, and adjusting to such is essential for performance maintenance.

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Staying motivated

Constantly wondering, “is the UK in recession in 2022?” can be extremely debilitating. As a result, it is essential that sales professionals are able to stay motivated. A salesperson’s role is to spread positivity; after all, no one is going to buy into something they don’t feel optimistic about. Whether or not the UK is in a recession in 2022, sales professionals can’t let it get them down. If your team is unable to stay motivated, this will put your business at risk of folding under the pressure of the recession. Employers can help maintain this motivation by making staff feel secure in their positions.

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Actively listening

Last but not least, one of the most important aspects of any part of life is active listening. To learn, we must listen, and a recession is a time in which learning is essential. The unpredictable circumstances mean that almost no one knows which steps are necessary. It’s all about learning together as we progress and using what we learn to be better in the future. Despite this, more experienced salespeople would have experienced the recession of 2008, meaning they’ll be able to provide valuable insights to graduates about the impending recession. Ultimately, active listening results in informed individuals.

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While you may feel uneasy about whether or not we are in a recession, we are here to help. We can help you find the top sales graduates to populate your team and even provide valuable advice and guidance to those who need it most.

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