In a perfect world, talent attraction would be a quick, painless process that worked perfectly every time. However, in the real world, sourcing and recruiting the best people for your business can take valuable time and resources away from getting on with the core job of sales. One of the best ways to maximise efficiencies is by utilising your existing sales stars to help recruit new team members. But how – and why – should you go about implementing this in your workplace?

Create brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors don’t just have to be clients and other people you’ve done business with. Similarly, you don’t always have to approach these people and encourage them to give you testimonials or referrals. Some of the best brand ambassadors your organisation can have are right under your nose – they’re your existing employees.

Employees are the most trusted spokespeople to communicate any topic about your business, according to the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer. Messages they distribute come ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ and external candidates are more likely to trust them over executives and board members.

Sales managers who take the time to engage and motivate current sales team members – in particular, high performers – will invest in brand ambassadors of the future. Be alert to opportunities to gather testimonials, such as after major sales wins, client successes and promotions, and look to capture these in user-friendly formats such as video. Thinking about the kinds of people you’re looking to attract and seek out ambassadors who align with these goals. For example, a profile of someone who has worked their way up the ranks from account manager to looking after a team in a relatively short period can help to show strong progression opportunities within the business.

Promote your stories throughout the recruitment process

It’s all too easy to focus the recruitment process on what the right candidate can offer your business. But to attract the kind of sales person who will really shine and create success, you need to sell your business to them. Demand for driven, passionate sales people will always be high, so your goal should be to create the best possible candidate experience and perception of your organisation in order to secure these sales stars.

The recruitment process is the ideal time to introduce your company stories. Find those that your target candidate will relate to and weave these into everything from your job description and interviews through to your website and social media channels. When it comes to the interview process, utilise those individuals within your company who candidates may be able to identify with, whether that’s by having them in the interview with you or simply introducing them in the office tour. Case studies and personnel profiles can be included in recruitment documentation to further demonstrate your company stories.

Use social media to develop your employer brand

Social media is an increasingly powerful tool, particularly when it comes to developing your employer branding. One Norway-based study found that the use of social media positively impacts corporate reputation, in turn positively influencing intentions to apply for a job. So there’s no excuse for you not to keep your organisation’s social channels up to date. Post about major sales wins, share insights into a day in the life of a sales person in your team and show behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your team at work. Then encourage your sales team to share your company’s updates via their own LinkedIn and Facebook networks to help spread word of your business and boost your followers.

Glassdoor is an essential tool when it comes to attracting new sales talent, as it relies solely on the experiences and stories of your existing employees. As 89% of Glassdoor users are either actively looking for better jobs or are open to new opportunities, the site is a veritable hunting ground for brilliant sales talent – you just have to know how to attract it. Identify your happy, positive sales people and ask them to review you on Glassdoor, effectively acting as advocates of your company. Choose your moment to do this, however, as disengaged or stressed sales people will do more harm than good for your Glassdoor profile.

Think long-term and communicate

A long-term strategy is essential to ensure your company is always presented positively. Your employer brand should be an ongoing work in progress, and you should always be looking at new ways to incorporate existing employees into this strategy. Ensure your key sales stars and ambassadors are on board and committed to spreading the good news about your organisation across multiple channels and you’re halfway there.

Whether you’re struggling to recruit the right sales people to your team or you simply want to ensure you’re capturing the best candidates on the market, look to your existing employees first. And don’t hesitate to call in the experts to help seal the deal – that’s what we’re for.