Today, social media and sales go hand in hand; this includes the idea of social media recruiting. Many of us view our social media as a personal thing only; however, this could be deterring sales professionals from landing the best sales roles. Social media is a key player in the job process, and we should all be asking ourselves “how do recruiters use social media?”

Employers know that many people are willing to post their lives on their social media channels, meaning the use of social media in the recruitment process has skyrocketed in recent years. Furthermore, the fact that Generation Z is currently entering the job market only increases the effectiveness of social media recruitment, with 94% of Gen Z being on social media.

How social media can help you with your job hunt

With various companies now recruiting through social media, it can actually be a useful tool when it comes to jobhunting. Not only is it now possible to find sales job roles through social media, but companies may headhunt you themselves if your profile impresses them. Therefore, you need to ensure that all your social profiles reflect who you are as a sales professional, not just LinkedIn.

Expressing yourself and your values

When searching for sales candidates, businesses always want to ensure that their recruits will fit in with their company culture. Company culture is typically formed from the values of the organisation, so you should always ensure that your values are made apparent on your social profiles. This way, companies will be able to determine whether you’re fit for the role right from the beginning. Not only does this stop them from wasting their time, but it saves you from wasting yours. After all, no one wants to be employed by a company in which they feel they don’t fit.

A candidate without social media could miss out

As previously mentioned, 94% of Gen Z is on social media, meaning that this is where many companies will search for fresh talent. If you’re not on social media, it makes it so much more difficult to find you, meaning that you could miss out on a world of job opportunities. Even if you use your social media channels for nothing else, you should definitely set some up in a professional capacity.

Ensuring your content is appropriate

There are some things that are suitable for a professional setting and some things that aren’t, meaning you should be very careful about what you publicly post on your social media. A video of you drunkenly dancing in a club likely isn’t what an employer is looking for when scouring social media for a new recruit. There are ways in which you can restrict your social media to determine who’s allowed to view your content and who isn’t. So, if you wish to post something that isn’t appropriate for a professional setting, make sure only selected family and friends can view this.

Showcasing your skills and achievements with keywords

When done properly, you can almost turn your social media channels into your online CV. During the process of recruiting via social media, employers will type in keywords that are associated with qualities that they’re looking for in a candidate. If these keywords are weaved into your social media profiles, your name will appear as they scroll through various candidates. They’ll then be aware of you as a potential candidate, as well as your desirable skills.

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