If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 lockdown augmented, it’s the presence of video in recruitment and employment. Although technology can get a bad reputation for distracting us from our responsibilities or distancing us from our loved ones, when used correctly, it can actually have the opposite effect. The recruitment process is constantly evolving, and video plays an integral role in this. Read on to discover how we are enhancing the video recruitment process.


Increases your employer brand

First things first, videos can assist you in successfully increasing your employer brand. It’s much easier to engage audiences via video, as opposed to articles or other written mediums. A video is a much more personable means of communication, as audiences find it much easier to engage with a human voice and/or face. As a result, video facilitates you in boosting your brand, as it enables you to convey your brand in a direct and appealing way.

Helps reach new audiences

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of video is its accessibility. Regardless of location, gender, age, and race, most people in our modern society have access to some sort of device that they can access video from. Consequently, video is the ideal tool for reaching a wide array of audiences, quickly, non-invasively, and efficiently. These are exactly the qualities that are needed when it comes to a successful recruitment strategy.

Video interviews help reduce costs

There’s no denying that video interviews are much more convenient than their face-to-face counterparts for a multitude of reasons. Arguably, one of the biggest boasting points for convenience is the reduction of costs. This stems from the eliminated need for an office space, as well as the eradicated transport fees. In a time when the cost of living is consistently rising, people and businesses alike need to be making the necessary steps to reduce costs where possible.

Speeds up the screening process

Video allows you to seamlessly jump from one call to another, with limited transition time, ultimately speeding up the entire screening process. Time is money in business, and the longer you sit on a decision, the more resource is wasted in the recruitment process. Additionally, an accelerated recruitment process reduces the risk of a candidate losing interest in the opportunity, meaning you’ll be more successful in retaining quality talent.

Eliminates geographical barriers

Prior to the notion of remote working, geographical barriers were always present within the professional world; however, this is no longer the case. Thanks to video, geographical barriers have almost been completely eliminated, as there’s hardly anything that can’t be done on a remote basis. This allows you to find the best candidate possible when it comes to filling a vacancy, rather than settling for only the best in the local area.

Helps mobile reach

Once upon a time, you were only contactable about work when in the office; however, this now couldn’t be further from the truth. Video has meant that we’re reachable anywhere and everywhere, even when we’re on the move. This means that we’re able to work from a multitude of settings, whether we’re travelling or sitting at the dining room table. Video enables us to roam while we work.

Helps stay competitive

It can’t be denied that the most competitive companies are those that move with the times and adapt accordingly. In order for your company to stay on the map and retain the interest of candidates, it needs to do the same. Functioning in a professional capacity needs to be as simple as can be and the use of video facilitates this.

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