Artificial intelligence has been on the rise for several years now. AI software has become a prominent component of many businesses and their departments. Dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI will no doubt transform the world of work as technologies grow and become even more advanced. The sales profession is ripe for AI transformation and there’s a range of ways that AI can boost sales teams without compensating on the “human touch”. AI gives sales executives the insights and tools to perform their roles more efficiently, helping them reach their targets. But how? Below, we explore the key ways that AI can improve sales teams.


One of the greatest benefits of AI applications within sales is that they can streamline routine tasks, helping sales teams with their time management. For example, having AI chatbots to respond to customer inquiries is an excellent way to ensure customer satisfaction as efficiently as possible. With AI, sales teams can become much more agile and digitally-focused, and able to make decisions much more quickly. Today, AI software is often used to track employee productivity, which can help sales leaders see how much time employees are spending on projects. Understanding your teams’ weaknesses can help you identify areas for improvement. There’s also AI-powered account-based marketing that can help companies better organise their leads and manage existing client bases. Businesses today can use AI for important lead generation and create a highly optimised sales process, both of which can advance sales teams.


With the use of AI, sales managers can provide accurate and objective information for their teams, which can improve coaching and help sales executives drive better sales outcomes. Since AI streamlines the process and delivers more accurate data regularly, sales managers can provide more individualised training that helps sales executives improve their performance. Based on stored data about a sales executive’s performance, AI-based training provides advanced solutions and can help save time – and sales team members can access digital training from any location. Continual learning is essential to the performance of a sales team, so AI has the potential to play a vital role in the training of salespeople in the future.


Salespeople must develop and build trust with their customers. Sales teams need to be able to work in harmony and have effective conversations with customers. Fortunately, AI is being used increasingly in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. With AI-powered CRM tools, professionals can analyse customers’ conversations and understand different emotions to assess how best to respond. With the increasing use of video calls in our working landscape, many customer interactions are happening virtually, so it can be harder for salespeople to build connections compared to in-person interactions. That’s why CRM tools have huge benefits for a sales team, as they can improve the way they build relationships with customers, and boost sales numbers as a result.


There’s no doubt that AI has the power to transform how sales teams operate. Digital technology has redefined the way we live in recent years and it will likely continue to have an impact on all areas of business, most notably sales. At BMS, we have an excellent understanding of the sales market with a strong track record of recruiting the best sales professionals into a range of roles. We also build exceptional relationships with our clients and candidates, and we’re dedicated to helping businesses grow their sales teams. Our team is fully committed to delivering an effective and efficient service. If you’d like further information on how we can help your recruitment, contact us today and keep reading our blog for more interesting insights.