As an employer, employee support needs to be your number one priority. If your employees feel their concerns are recognised and addressed, this will make them feel validated, improving employee retention rates.

One of the biggest concerns of modern employees globally is client change, with “climate quitting” being a trend on LinkedIn not too long ago. So, if you’re wondering, “how can managers support employees regarding climate concerns?” there are various measures you can implement. Not only will this add to the comfort of your employees, but it will also help you pave the way to a more eco-friendly business model.

Offer sustainable commuting opportunities.

When it comes to supporting employees in the workplace regarding climate concerns, commuting is a big thing. One of the biggest contributors to the carbon footprint is car emissions, meaning your climate-conscious employees will want to steer away from travelling to work in a car individually.

So, how can a manager support employees in the battle against climate change to that avail? Firstly, you might set up a company carpool to reduce the number of cars on the road. Similarly, you could fund public transport for your employees. Lastly, you might provide company bicycles, allowing those who live nearby to cycle to and from work.

Facilitate working from home.

Another way managers can support employees in the fight against climate change is by making it possible for them to work from home. Eliminating the need to come into the office enables employees to reduce their contribution to the carbon footprint.

How managers can support remote employees is by giving them everything they need to do their job from home. This could mean providing laptops, additional monitors, headsets, and anything else that’s required to make the role doable. While this might have a high initial cost, the positive environmental impact will be worth it.

Reduce wastage in the workplace.

Reducing wastage in the workplace. This can be achieved by supplying the office with drinking glasses, mugs, crockery, and steel cutlery in place of disposable cups and tableware. Additionally, you should digitalise documents as much as possible to reduce the amount of paper going into the bin.

Not only are these some of the most effective ways to support employees in combatting climate change, but they’re also sure to save you money in the long run.

Hero projects that make a difference.

In addition to the above tips, companies can start extra-curricular initiatives that make a difference in the environment. This might include litter picking around the office, setting up a company garden to grow vegetables, planting trees around the office, or anything “green” you can think of.

These may seem like small acts, but they certainly make a big difference. On top of this positive difference that they make on an environmental scale, they also keep your climate-conscious employees engaged with the company. As a result, your employee retention and company culture will both improve.

Build sustainability into the brand.

Last but not least, employers need to take steps to build sustainability into the brand. This means assessing every one of your practices and determining whether there’s a more climate-friendly way to get the job done. It’s worth bearing in mind that reaching perfection won’t be achievable, but this doesn’t mean you can’t strive to get as close to perfection as possible. From adjusting commuting practices to opting for more sustainable materials, every small change contributes to the greater mission.

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