Every company hiring wants to know how to find the best candidates. The better the candidates that apply, the better the hire is going to be. It’s a simple equation, that doesn’t always quite go as planned when put into practice.

Part of the challenge is your employer branding – which means showing off how great your company is to work for! One of the first places that candidates look when searching for a new position is Glassdoor, so it’s worth making sure your company’s page has favourable reviews!

Engineering recruitment is a specialised field, demanding candidates to have relevant qualifications and/or experience before applying for certain roles – especially senior positions. Whether recruiting for a project manager, design engineer, foreman, quantity surveyor, engineer, site manager or tradesman amongst others, having a clear understanding of how and where to find the best candidates is important.

Working with an engineering recruitment agency can assist you in getting your job advertisement in front of the right people. They work with engineering candidates looking to make their next career move, so your ideal applicant could be ready and waiting.

Identifying Potential Candidates

As well as simply putting a job advert out into the world and seeing who responds, identifying potential candidates is an important part of fulfilling specialist roles. Employers have to be proactive if they are to source the best candidates for the position – and this may mean approaching and gauging the interest of potential applicants before they send in a CV.

When employers become busier and are looking to expand their team, there can be a tendency to look for reasons to rule out an applicant rather than rule them in. With less talent actively looking,  time should be spent reviewing CVs so as not to miss out on a diamond in the rough.

Improving the Interview Process

When it comes to interviewing candidates, you need to have a clear understanding as to exactly what you are looking for from the interviewee. Many employers, depending on the position, ask candidates to complete a task before attending the interview which demonstrates their relevant skills, as well as their keenness for joining the company.

As an employer, there is little more annoying than settling on a candidate, only for that candidate to turn down the job offer. Ensuring the candidates who reach the final interview stage match the company culture and genuinely want join the team are essential. During the interview, candidates are interviewing the employer as the employer is interviewing the candidate.

This means being smart with the questions that you ask, making sure to demonstrate what the business has to offer to the candidate, as well as the other way around. If you are serious about attracting the best talent, you need to recognise that they will be in high demand – they have likely spoken to other potential employers. Equally, if they are in employment, they need to be assured that the opportunity offered is right for them, otherwise, they will not see the benefit in making the move.

As a recruiting employer, what you have to offer recruits should be laid out from the start. Tell them early on of the benefits that come with joining your company, such as flexible working patterns, discount packages and holidays.

Career progression is key for hiring the best candidates. Ambitious candidates are always looking for the opportunity to become the best that they can be. This means supporting their career development which can lead to the very best talent climbing the ranks within your company, rather than constantly hiring from outside.

Hiring Engineering Talent

Technical and engineering recruitment is competitive and hiring talent isn’t easy, especially in the case of sought-after talent. Working with a recruitment agency such as BMS Performance can make all the difference between hiring the best engineering candidates and missing out on them.

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