While engineers wonder, “will there be a recession in 2022 in the UK?” they’ll be forced to make some decisions about their employment status. Amid the current financial circumstances, it’s likely that engineers will be seeking jobs that offer the most financial security. This will be one of the most important factors for engineers; however, it’s not the sole priority. Detailed below are some of the top tips for retaining your best service engineers during a recession. Employing these strategies is more important now than ever before, with engineers being highly sought after and the 2022 recession wreaking havoc across the industry.

Ensure they know they’re valued by recognising their achievements.

In contemplating whether a recession is coming in 2022 in the UK, engineers will start to assess their position within the company. If they don’t feel valued, they won’t feel secure, and this will influence them to search elsewhere. You can prevent this from happening by recognising the achievements of your engineers and rewarding them accordingly. Recognition and rewards don’t need to be extravagant; sometimes, a simple thank you for their hard work is all that’s required. They just need to know that everything they do is appreciated.

Flexibility is key – be that working hours, environment, etc.

In light of a potential global recession in 2022, engineers will be seeking flexibility in their working environments. While many employers perceive flexibility to be associated with working hours alone, it applies to much more than just hours. It’s always helpful for employees to work hours that suit them, but more is required. This flexibility might include employees choosing their working days, choosing which tasks they’d like to complete, and deciding whether they’d like to work from home or not. This freedom is essential to creating a desirable working environment.

Offer training, development, and career opportunities.

As employees ponder, “is the UK in recession in 2022?” they’ll be looking at the wider picture of their careers. If their position in the company seems stagnant, this will make them feel as though there’s no earning potential when they need it most. As an employer, you can provide opportunities and show employees they’re valued via training, development, and career opportunities. Not only will this make them feel more comfortable from a financial perspective, but the investment being made into them will make them feel more secure in the company.

Keep pay competitive where possible.

In contemplating whether we are in a recession in 2022, money is on everyone’s minds. Everything is becoming more expensive, yet wages seem to be standing still. If your engineers are going to be able to live comfortably, they need to be offered a competitive salary. In the absence of decent pay, engineers will have no choice but to seek elsewhere for employment opportunities. After all, the number one reason why anyone gets a job is to make a living. As a result, competitive salaries are an essential factor in retaining your best service engineers during a recession.

Many people leave their jobs due to company culture; make sure yours is good!

A recession is a scary time for everyone involved, meaning the company culture needs to be incredibly reassuring. Today, we spend more of our waking hours at work than at home, meaning it’s essential to be happy and comfortable in our working environments. Positivity is perhaps the most important feature of good company culture. No one wants to be bogged down by constant negativity, even if there’s no denying that the circumstances could be a little better.

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