It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 lockdown completely altered the sales sphere, meaning sales organisations have had to adapt. Consumers were confined to their homes, resulting in a surge of online sales for many companies.

Now that we’re allowed out of the house, sales processes have been forced to change again. However, this unpredictability leaves sales organisations uncertain about what the next best step is. Not only are you left wondering how to meet your sales target and how to engage your sales team, but you want to ensure the safety of your team.

It’s perfectly natural that you’ll be panicking about the consequences of not meeting sales targets, but our team are on hand to offer guidance. As sales specialists, we are here to walk you through how to meet targets in sales.

How Do We Respond to COVID-19?

One thing that COVID-19 has taught us is how quickly circumstances can change; a huge affecting factor of this was the way we work. The majority of organisations adopted a remote working structure, and this still prevails as we come out the other end.

We’re not completely back to normal, and people are forced to self-isolate and deal with other unforeseen circumstances. This means that organisations have to maintain flexibility to keep the company running.

Not only has the working day had to be adapted to become a virtual office, but the actual sales have also had to take place online. The biggest takeaway from the COVID-19 outbreak seems to be that one working day does not fit all and that everyone’s individual requirements need to be catered to, to maximise productivity and sales.

How Do We Keep Sales Teams Safe and Productive?

As a sales manager, you don’t want to put your team at risk through non-essential interaction. Despite this, you’re aware of how difficult it can be to motivate a team via a computer screen without an office routine. So how do you look out for the best interests of both your team and your sales revenue?

The key is flexibility; government guidelines state that offices can operate as normal with the exception of COVID-positive people who must self-isolate. If measures are still in place for employees to work from home, should they need, your business will be prepared for all outcomes.

How Do We Reassure Customers?

As a sales manager, you have to reassure your customers, as well as your sales team. You should adopt the philosophy of serving before you sell; this will comfort your consumer, making them more inclined to buy your product. It should be made clear that your products are thoroughly sterilised and that the risk of any transmission of germs is minimal.

Adjusting to this new way of life is scary for everyone, so the more empathy you display towards your consumer, the better.

How Do We Manage Sales Organisations During a Health Crisis?

The best way to exceed sales targets during this time is using the change in circumstances to identify new business opportunities. For example, you might take this as a chance to optimise your online sales. Depending on your field of sales, you might start supplying products that are in greater demand as a result of our current circumstances.

Sales is all about capitalising on these opportunities and adapting to your evolving market. Get creative with your sales methods and you will surely find a way to exceed your sales targets.

We’re Here to Help

For any further advice and guidance on how to exceed your sales targets as we emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, please get in touch. Our specialist team has the expertise to assist you in adapting your business to suit our current climate.