In 2022, recruiting strategies are more important than they ever have been before, especially when it comes to establishing a unique value proposition (UVP). A concise, straight-to-the-point UVP is a key element of building a recruitment strategy, as this is ultimately how your company will be perceived by potential employees and customers alike.

The top company recruitment strategies all focus on talent retention and creating a strong company culture. Any company wondering how to build a recruiting strategy must implement recruitment and hiring strategies that set it apart from its competitors. Read on to discover more about the importance of recruitment strategies and how to put them in place.

Identify your target market

First and foremost, identifying your target market is one of the most important elements of a successful recruiting strategy. It goes without saying that when building a UVP for your marketing recruitment strategy, your market is, funnily enough, marketers!

Marketers love trust, flexibility, and a company that values the marketing function, so each of these values needs to be displayed in your UVP. Any employer branding and recruitment strategy that conveys the company in this way is sure to capture the attention of marketing job seekers. Once this attention is captured, it needs to be maintained by the company following through on what was promised in the initial recruitment stages.

Define what makes you different

Marketers are highly sought-after, meaning that they often have job offers coming out of their ears. Regardless of industry, in order to implement strategies for recruiting staff in the marketing department, you need to define what sets your company apart from the rest.

The role of a marketer requires an almost perfectly balanced creative and analytical mind, and it’s important to appeal to each side. You need to ensure that your practices are efficient and practical; however, this can’t result in a boring working day without challenges. Your company needs to keep the minds of marketers occupied without frustrating them via unnecessarily complicated processes and programmes.

Recognise the pain point that your product solves

The purpose of any product or service is to solve a problem, and this is incredibly important to marketers. Although a respectable salary helps, this isn’t the only thing that marketers are after when job hunting. Instead, marketers are keen to promote a product or service that they’re proud to be involved with.

Any company wondering how to create a recruiting strategy needs to make it clear what pain point they’re looking to solve and successfully achieve this. If a marketer believes in your product, they’ll be able to effortlessly promote it and help you obtain more sales.

Consider what you stand for as a company

Finally, to be attractive to potential employees and customers alike, all businesses must consider what a great company culture looks like and strive to create this. As previously mentioned, marketers love trust, and so do paying customers; displaying an unambiguous company stance will make your business appealing to both recruits and clients.

One stance that will leave your company particularly popular with Gen-Z is sustainability. Gen-Z is an incredibly environmentally conscious generation, and rightly so. By making your company sustainable, you’ll be able to appeal to the newest job seekers and the trendiest customers.

Do you need help creating a UVP or have a vacancy that needs filling?

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