Being attractive to the widest talent pool

Diversity was a hot topic for the night.  Research shows that companies with a less diverse workforce are statistically less likely to achieve above average financial returns.  How do you demonstrate your company culture to make sure you attract and secure the best talent?

When it comes to hiring decisions, the key focus should be on capability – so to impact on diversity the work needs to be done before interviewing even starts.  One guest said focusing on capability and not over thinking it was key.

Building Bridges with your talent providers

Overall it was felt that time spent building a good relationship with your recruiter pays dividends.  Both from accessing the highest calibre of candidate to improving the understanding of what makes a good recommendation.  Time invested from the first brief through to each piece of feedback develops a better service.

Better methods for assessing talent

The subject of psychometric tests split the group.  Some felt they no longer have a place in the selection process, others thought they give great insight that helps with hiring decisions.   Differing ways to assess at interview was also discussed.  Methods included a ‘social interview’ which helps candidates open up, relax and truly be themselves; and projects where candidates were given a mini brief to hold a scoping call with a DM, they then have to find a hook to secure the business.   While all businesses differ in their approach the priority is always securing the best talent.

Interviewing raw talent

How to assess the ability of someone with little or no commercial experience? Is ‘gut feeling’ really the right method for recruiting the best candidates. Assessment centres can be a really good way to see candidates deal with real world sales scenarios helping hiring managers make a more educated decision when recruiting raw talent.

The evolution of the sales process

Technology has introduced a multitude of tools for connecting and networking with customers.  But with this, have we lost an integral part of relationship building – talking.  One guest recalled asking a team member to follow up on leads after a trade show.  Rather than speak directly to these new potential sources of business they emailed, risking losing previously warm leads.  It was suggested that these new tools shouldn’t replace traditional methods but should complement and enhance the process.

Ongoing Development

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