Finding the right person for the job isn’t as simple as inviting someone in and offering them a position. If it were, the services we offer wouldn’t be needed. Businesses can easily spend a lot of time and effort into recruiting and still not find some someone who is right for the role.

That’s where BMS Performance comes in. When you work with us on a retained basis, we’ll take care of all the groundwork for you. When a recruitment consultancy, such as ourselves, works for you on a retained basis, the relationship is exclusive. Our consultants are committed to finding the right candidate to fill your position.

That means our team will be wholly responsible for sourcing the ideal candidate. When BMS Performance work to fill a vacancy, such as a salesperson or sales manager, we will take care of things such as:

  • The initial job advertisement
  • Seeking out suitable candidates
  • Assessment of applicant CVs and covering letters
  • First interviews
  • Development of a shortlist of candidates

Essentially, we are saying that we will take care of all the leg work for you. So that the only concerns you will have, will be selecting one of the suitable candidates. We would have already reviewed their applications and of course, met them face to face (or least via zoom)

How this Works for Recruiting in Sales

Sales, as you will already know, is a specialised career which demands a particular skillset in order to be successful. Whether recruiting for an entry level salesperson keen to learn the ropes, or a sales manager capable of leading a team, outsourcing the recruitment process on a retained basis means not having to find time in an otherwise already busy working day.

New salespeople fall into the category of business-critical hires, so it makes sense to apply extra resource to find the most suitable candidates. Working with a recruitment consultancy on a retained basis, helps form a long-term relationship built on trust. Allowing a team that can focus solely on finding the best person takes away the pain that comes with recruiting. Hiring the wrong salesperson could cost your business up to £50,000.

Many businesses prefer to promote from within. Sometimes, though, this isn’t possible for a number of reasons. When hiring for a sales manager, it’s critical that the person you bring in is self-motivated and able to galvanise the team, leading them to new heights. Competition should be a word that enthuses, rather than intimidates them.

Evaluating options and waiting to find a candidate who is right, rather than simply available right now, are the makings of a successful recruitment policy. Working with a recruitment consultancy you can trust allows you to focus on your own business needs. You will never be able to grow if you can’t service your present customers!

Why Businesses Prefer to Work on a Retained Basis

Consultants are dedicated to finding a suitable candidate for the role, rather than a suitable role for the candidate. The number one priority is the client, who see only the very best of the best candidates available.

That means busy managers and directors need not worry about finding time in their schedule for reviewing countless CVs, making initial contact, attending first interviews and reviewing candidates.

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