For the modern marketer, job hunting is an exercise that requires research and thoughtful consideration of multiple criteria. Companies offer a variety of potential benefits including competitive wages, holiday days, and tasks to gain experience and skills – but these aren’t always enough to entice top talent. If you want to stand out from other employers on the hunt for marketing expertise, you should ensure you go beyond standard perks – and look for additional benefits which will truly set your company apart in the minds of prospective candidates. In this blog post, we discuss some key selling points that savvy marketers are looking for when they assess their options when job hunting.

Company culture and values

When it comes to company culture and values, there are important factors to consider when looking for a job. Some marketing candidates look for companies with peer recognition programs or transparent policies in place that allow everyone to evaluate their work and performance objectively. Prospective employees also search for employers who actively promote cultural inclusion, where everyone is respected and appreciated regardless of race, religion, gender identification or sexual orientation. Additionally, organisations providing an open forum to discuss ideas and brainstorm solutions would also be favoured by many marketing professionals as they value the opportunity to share their opinion and have an impact within their jobs.

Opportunities for growth

Job seekers want to be a part of an organisation that provides them with ample opportunities for growth within their chosen field. Growth in the form of educational experiences, professional training, and job advancement are some of the most sought-after add-ons for marketing candidates when evaluating a potential job offer. For those looking to stay competitive in their industry and build out their CV, these types of professional growth opportunities can make all the difference in weighing the pros and cons of a certain job position. Therefore, employers should consider providing additional career development programs as an incentive when recruiting top talent in the marketing space.

The team

Many marketing candidates look beyond the current job offer when they are hunting for employment opportunities. They are looking for a supportive environment where ideas can be explored and challenged, colleagues who will offer constructive feedback, and mentors who are available to help guide career development – these are all rewarding benefits for marketers.


Flexibility is an increasingly important perk for many marketing candidates when job hunting. Flexible work hours, the ability to work remotely, more generous paid leave, and shorter work weeks are all attractive possibilities to potential employees interested in marketing. Those looking for positions that provide maximum flexibility will take into account how tolerant a company is of schedule changes and alternative working arrangements. With these types of benefits, marketers can achieve a better quality of life while still succeeding professionally. A company offering greater flexibility stands to attract some of the best people in the industry and gain an advantage against its competitors.

It’s clear that to attract top marketing talent, you need to offer more than just the standard perks and packages. As an employer, look for ways to set your company apart with additional benefits which will make your vacancy irresistible to anyone on the job hunt. We can help you find the perfect candidate for your next marketing role – so upload your vacancy today!