Creating a powerful pitch is one of the most vital features of enticing graduate talent in 2022. Be sure to follow BMS Performance’s graduate recruitment guide to entice fresh graduates to join your team.

Identify the competition

When it comes to forming effective graduate recruitment methods, you need to be aware of who you’re up against in the war for graduate talent. Once you know what your competitors are offering to their new hires, you can be sure to match and even top their offerings. This way, job seekers will be more inclined to accept your offer.

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Set the stage

Although a graduate recruitment plan is important, there is no one way to attract and hire candidates. In fact, hiring is a very personal experience, meaning that you should do all you can to discover what their dream job looks like. This way, you can better facilitate them in working towards their end goal.

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Early salary review

It might not be at the top of a candidate’s priority list, but it can’t be denied that salary is one of the most important factors of any job. This is especially true with the ever-rising cost of living and staff shortages in all manner of industries. Therefore, the best graduate recruitment practices indicate that you should offer a salary review within the first year of the role if you’re unable to budge on the basic salary immediately.

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Meaningful work

As graduate recruitment specialists, we know how important it is to graduates that they’re able to make a difference in the role they’re working in. Consequently, you should share your values and mission statement as soon as possible so that the candidate can match your values. Being able to help people is a very compelling feature for fresh graduates.

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Sell your people!

Your colleagues can make or break an employment experience, which is why you should make candidates aware of the outstanding qualities of your existing staff when looking to recruit a graduate. UK graduate recruitment can involve sharing your employees’ LinkedIn profiles, as well as organising informal chats, allowing candidates to build relationships before their official employment even commences.

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The future

Anyone wondering how to recruit graduates must consider the future. There is a lot of pressure placed on graduates to know where they will be in five to ten years’ time. You should map out how the candidate can progress over the years to instil confidence in them regarding their position.

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After the freeing lifestyle that university provides, a graduate might not be keen to enter a restrictive 9-5 position. Therefore, it’s always wise to offer remote work options, as well as flexible hours. This way, employees will be able to fit their work around their other responsibilities, which is a priority that most graduate jobs seekers are on the hunt for.

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Safety and wellbeing

Company expectations can no longer be robotic or black and white, as there is a greater emphasis on mental wellbeing. Businesses must now do what they can to prevent employee burnout and stress, as well as implement safe practices in in-person work environments. Consequently, it’s always a good idea to share the precautions you already have in place, as well as extra support that you’re willing to offer.

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Appeal to their ego

A graduate will always remember their first job fresh out of university, and an impressive job title goes a long way. Whether you offer a range of job titles or even let the recruit select their own, this is a great way to boost ego and make the candidate feel valued.

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