It can be tricky to hire sales talent as successful sales traits are so seldom found in a person. Without these top sales traits, your candidate is likely to struggle in such a personality-driven industry. Your sales team is going to be interacting with clients on a regular basis, and these clients are vital when it comes to your company making money. As a result, the best personality traits for sales are imperative when it comes to recruitment.

Strong Follow-Up Skills

The first of many good sales personality traits is strong follow-up skills. The sales industry requires a lot of chasing clients for the likes of responses and payments. If a sales candidate isn’t willing to persevere to close a deal, many prospective clients will fall through. This doesn’t bode well for a company dedicated to sales as the income of the business is extremely client-driven. As far as sales is concerned, you get out of it what you put into it.

High Tolerance to Rejection

The next of the most desirable sales character traits is a high tolerance to rejection. Unfortunately, sales can be a brutal industry, so it’s important that your candidate isn’t disheartened by rejection. The best salespeople will use negative experiences to improve upon tactics and adjust their approach in the future. Rejection can be a great learning curve and help salespeople to develop their character and progress in their careers.

Responsive to Feedback and Willing to Learn

Another one of the traits of a good salesperson is a consistent willingness to learn. No one is capable of executing everything perfectly all the time, especially those who are new to an industry. Therefore, the best salespeople will welcome feedback and take this on board when it comes to closing future deals. No one will benefit from someone who takes offence to feedback, rejects it, and continues to work in the same way.

Fantastic Communication Skills

Sales is all about communication; if you’re expecting someone to invest their money into something, they need to know exactly what they’re getting out of it. On top of this, it’s vital that a salesperson can communicate a buying opportunity in the best way to a client to entice them into investing. After all, if the salesperson doesn’t seem excited by the opportunity, the client will feed off this energy and retract from the deal.

Enthusiastic and Positive Vibes

Speaking of excitement, this is another imperative trait that a salesperson must have. The best salespeople should be able to upsell anything, no matter how big or small. When it comes to upselling, it’s all about enthusiasm and positivity; the client needs to feel like this product or service will completely transform their life. Consequently, if a salesperson doesn’t believe in themselves, the client won’t believe in what they’re selling.

Competitiveness and Ambition

Sales is a very competitive industry with endless opportunities to progress up the ladder. Therefore, a candidate won’t shine in the industry if they don’t have the ambition to reach new heights. Similarly, it’s likely that a candidate will be liaising with a handful of salespeople, so a salesperson needs to be willing to compete to be the chosen one. After all, a salesperson who remains passive doesn’t close the deal.

Great Listening Skills

Whether it’s from company superiors or clients, a salesperson needs to know how to listen. This is so they can best meet the needs of the client whilst also adhering to company standards. A salesperson who doesn’t listen results in a dissatisfied client and a frustrated manager, so you must ensure that your sales candidate is capable of listening. Quite simply, listening is another huge feature of communication, meaning that a salesperson must be capable of such.

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