When it comes to job seeking, the interview is the most nerve-wracking element, leaving many job seekers searching for job interview tips across the UK. This is especially true of sales candidates, as sales rely so heavily on interpersonal communication. As a result, the top interview tips for sales roles often revolve around coming across as confident and likeable. Despite this, it can be really tricky to know how you can convey these traits right from the offset.


The first of two interview preparation tips is researching the company, and potentially the interviewer, ahead of the interview. Having substantial knowledge of a company will show the interviewer that you took the time to research, which is already a sign of your dedication to the role. Furthermore, if you’re also given the name of your interviewer, you could also conduct some research about them. Perhaps they’ve won a well-known sales award or written a book that you can bring up in the interview.

Practice your answers using the STAR method

Further tips for interview preparation include practicing your answers using the STAR method ahead of the interview. STAR stands for situation, task, action, and result. So, you start by setting the scene for your example, follow up by explaining your role in the situation, then explain what you did, and, finally, summarise the effects of your actions. It’s a good idea to keep this framework in mind; however, you should avoid over-rehearsing, or your answers won’t come off as authentic.

Make a good first impression

Did you know it takes seven seconds for someone to form their first impression of you? Therefore, another one of our tips for job interviews is to make those seven seconds count. Smile, make eye contact, and give a firm handshake. This will make you seem both approachable and confident, which are traits that employers look for in any candidate, not just salespeople.

Be specific about your work experience

Next in our list of tips for a job interview is being specific about your work experience. Yes, you may have previously been a sales representative, but this role will have different responsibilities in different companies. Therefore, you should specifically explain what the role required of you, so that the interviewer is able to gauge your capabilities and your suitability for the role you’re interviewing for.

Highlight your optimism

Another one of our interview tips and tricks is that you should always express your optimism about a job opportunity to the interviewer. If they’re able to identify your excitement about a role, they’re much more likely to hire you. This is because if you care about a job, you’re much more likely to deliver quality work, strive to improve in the position, and progress in the company.

Emphasise your customer service

Penultimately for our job interviews tips is to emphasise your customer service skills. These skills are imperative for anyone wanting to succeed in the sales sector, as a big bulk of your work will be interacting with customers. Additionally, it’s these customers that will make the company money, so it’s important that you’re able to intrigue them via your products and services and also keep them happy and interested in what you’re providing.

Ask good and relevant questions

Last but not least, any successful candidate will always ask good and relevant questions. Questions display your interest in the company, as well as a willingness to learn. This willingness to learn is one of the most sought-after qualities in a candidate, as it means that they’ll soon pick up the ways and processes of the company with ease.

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