We’re all navigating through some very uncertain times.  The internet is bursting with content offering tips and advice – which can make it tricky knowing where to start. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a list of resources that we found most useful and to develop your situation

HR Grapevine

Packed with useful blog posts HR Grapevine have a section dedicated to remote working.  Here you’ll find tips on getting your teams back into work .

Develop your Calm Moment

Calm Moment have pulled together a number of useful resources to help with staying active, home schooling, wellbeing, things to do – you name it!  Perfect if you just need a pick me up or help keeping the kids occupied!

The HR Director

If you’re looking for advice on bringing your team back to work The HR Director have created the article for you.  This post gives constructive advice for companies looking to make the transition back into work as smooth as possible.

Cloudblogs – Microsoft

Flexible working is something all UK workers can request. Here, Alison Wright gives advice on what you need to consider to make working flexibly work for both you and your employer.


While many office based companies may have been averse to home working, most wouldn’t have survived the pandemic without it.  Here Howard Tullman discusses the benefits of working from home and how you can make it work long term.

The Open University – Develop your skills

Looking to develop a new skill? The Open University have nearly 1000 free online courses, across 8 different subject areas. A good way to keep your brain engaged while you’re on furlough!


If remote working is going to become the norm for you, these tips from seasoned homeworker, Chris Thomas will help you make it work long term.