Regardless of industry, finding the best candidates can be a tricky feat; however, global tech talent recruitment is especially difficult. There is a multitude of reasons responsible for this challenge, leaving employers scratching their heads on how to recruit tech talent. Despite this, before a company can overcome the struggle of recruiting tech talent, it must first assess why it’s struggling to find tech talent. Detailed below are just some of the reasons why your business may encounter difficulty in the recruitment of tech professionals.

Tech talent shortage

First and foremost, there simply aren’t enough qualified individuals to facilitate the amount of tech work that’s required. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why the world is currently experiencing a tech talent shortage. Still, it’s fair to say that it’s been exposed by the demand for digital transformation necessitated by COVID-19. Not only is this affecting the number of candidates entering the technical field, but it’s also impacting the number of professionals already in the field. Priorities are shifting, and this can mean that professional aspects may take a back seat.

Lengthy hiring processes

Individuals who work in the tech industry pride themselves on efficiency, and they won’t be keen to proceed with the hiring process if they’re left waiting around. Therefore, if you wish to maintain the attention of the top tech talent, you need to ensure that your hiring process runs as promptly and as smoothly as possible. This reduces the length of time in which they can investigate other companies and accept new offers.

Geo limits

In the technical industry, it’s often not possible for professionals to work from home, meaning that the top tech talent is restricted by location. If your company is in a relatively remote area, it’s likely that your town or village won’t be abundant in tech talent, which could place you on the back foot when it comes to recruitment. The top tech candidates often work in large cities, as this is where they’ll make the most money.

Rapid tech innovation

Tech is rapidly developing, sometimes faster than humans can keep up with. It’s for this reason that rapid tech innovation can impact a company’s ability to source tech talent. Even the most qualified individuals always have something to learn, as there’s always something new on the horizon in the technical sphere. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible to be at the top of the tech game, as you can never say that you’re a pro at everything.

The top tech professionals are passive job seekers

The top tech professionals don’t need to job seek, as they’re often already in comfortable and well-paid positions. Similarly, they often have employers approaching them to recruit them, rather than the other way around. Consequently, many tech companies won’t have professionals actively seeking out an opportunity to join them, as the top tech workers have opportunities coming to them. In order to overcome this, tech companies may actively seek the top tech professionals and approach them instead.

No purpose in work

Though the tech industry is abundant in opportunity, professionals don’t just want another job. These individuals want to be part of a company that moulds the future. They want to do good for the community, impact the world, and ultimately find a purpose in work. Creating these opportunities is arguably the greatest challenge in hiring tech talent. In order to recruit top tech, top opportunities need to be created.

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