A happy, dedicated and experienced marketing team can make all the difference when it comes to driving business growth and brand awareness. Demand for talented marketers is significant. With digital advertising, content creation, curation and content strategy being the most sought-after skills on the market, competition is high for those professionals who can add value. That means it can be challenging to not only identify and attract the right talent, but also retain them. One of the easiest ways to ensure your star marketers stick around is by ensuring they’re motivated and positive about their jobs. Find out how with our five ways to keep your marketers happy with incentives.

Training courses

Organisations must acknowledge the advantages of investing in their marketers – and paying for their training courses. According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Learning Report, 93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. This shows that not only is training a great way of improving the effectiveness of the workforce, but it’s also a benefit for ambitious marketers. As marketing is such a multi-faceted, ever-evolving practice, good marketers need to stay ahead of the curve, particularly when it comes to new technologies and digital developments. In addition, those companies that strategically invest in their people build a strong work culture that embraces change and innovation.

If you want a forward-thinking, influential marketer, you need to support their growth by encouraging training courses.

Remote working

Remote working is no longer seen as a privilege – it is an expectation of many professionals, with 54% of UK workers already working flexibly in some way and 68% wanting to work more flexibly than they are currently. For many marketers, remote working is non-negotiable, and 28% of workers are prepared to move jobs in order to gain more flexible conditions. While you don’t necessarily need to offer 100% remote work roles to marketers, you should consider offering your team flexibility to choose the days and hours they want to work remotely on, or even the possibility of earlier or later starts and finishes. As 30% of UK office workers are more productive when working remotely compared to the office, offering this option to marketers benefits both the business as well as employees.

Pensions and holidays

Benefits such as pension schemes and holidays can have an enormous impact on how happy your workforce is, and this extends to your marketing team too. As your marketers increase their years of service and improve their performances, reward them for their service by increasing their annual leave entitlements (for instance, for each year they’re with your company, they might accrue an extra day of holiday). Similarly, you could increase your employer contribution to their pension or increase their flexi-time allowances. Adjustable benefits like these reward loyalty and long service, and if you offer them proactively, your marketers are more likely to remain engaged and positive about your company in the long-term.


Research shows that performance-related pay is positively associated with job satisfaction, as well as trust in management and organisation commitment. Company-wide bonuses can go a long way in nurturing a sense of teamwork amongst your employees, so make sure you share your business goals with all employees – including marketers – on a regular basis so that everyone knows what you are working towards. Targets can be set on an individual, team and company basis so that everyone can be rewarded for success, not just salespeople. Remember too that bonuses don’t have to be large for marketers to feel appreciated and recognised. Start by calculating how much more your business could make in a specified time period and keep a percentage of the profit for the bonus.

Health and wellbeing benefits

Health and wellbeing is the top workplace concern of 27% of employees, and 32% say that incentives and rewards are motivating factors beyond salary. It makes sense then, to incorporate health and wellbeing incentives into your benefits scheme. Marketers who feel like their employer values their wellbeing are more likely to feel engaged, while employers benefit from a healthier, happier team. Examples of health and wellbeing benefits include gym membership deals, exercise/yoga/mindfulness classes provided by work, private medical and dental care, on-site health screening and counselling and employee assistance programmes.

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