Finding the right employee is probably the most time-consuming and frustrating job any engineering company has to deal with – and requires full-time dedication to ensure a consistent flow of high-performing, engaged, and loyal employees.

Fortunately, there is plenty of help that can be called on when the need to recruit gets particularly strong. Choosing to work with a dedicated and specialised engineering recruitment company will significantly improve the talent pool that is open to you and allow you to get on with the real job in hand – leading engineering projects.

Here are a few good reasons why you want to put your recruitment trust into the hands of a specialised engineering recruitment company.

A wealth of industry knowledge

A specialised recruitment agency will have garnered years of experience and insider knowledge in the field of engieering. It will have built its own network of candidates and will be following the workforce ebbs and flows of the industry as a whole. This insight perfectly places a recruiter to know where to seek the best candidates, how to set the tone of the job advertisement, and where to pitch the role itself.

As a result, your recruiter will ensure that your organisation remains at the cutting edge of good engineering employment practices, placing you at the forefront when it comes to attracting the top talent.

CV improvements

A recruiter who is knowledgeable about engineering trends and the way in which recruitment algorithms work will be able to create a job advertisement that filters through to the best candidates.

As a result, the CVs you get through will be specific and relevant and give you greater overall choice.

Online branding advantage

An engineering recruitment agency will have access to the latest recruitment technology, which will follow through the tracking process from initial engagement through to interview and offer in a timely and official manner. The agency will have an online brand and presence, which reassures the prospective candidate as to the validity and quality of the job, encouraging better applications from the best candidates.

Superior matchmaking skills

There are going to be candidates who want to work with you specifically. There are going to be others who have never heard of you. Working with a recruitment agency will ensure that you are not only paired up with the best candidates who have expressed an interest specifically in your company – they will also make sure that it sets up some ‘blind dates’ with other candidates who will bring a new and fresh perspective to your search.

With years of experience and a specific knowledge base about engineering, a recruitment agency will have an innate understanding of what both parties are looking for and will strive to create the perfect union.

Interview preparation

Finally, your recruitment agency will prepare both you and the candidate, for the interview process. In many circumstances today, the initial interview process is done through video applications. A values system is implemented whereby the candidate is judged on what they say, rather than how they come across (we all understand that it may not be the perfect medium), which goes a long way to filtering down the best candidates who are believed to be the best fit.

Using the services of a specialised recruitment agency will save an engineering organisation significant time and money during the entire hiring process.

If you are currently looking for experienced and qualified engineers to expand your workforce, you can upload your vacancy, and we can support you in your search.