Diversity is important in any aspect of life as it ensures that everyone is provided with equal opportunities regardless of their gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, class, age, or physical conditions. However, it can also provide companies with an array of other benefits to strengthen their presence within the engineering sphere.

One of the best ways you can make your company more attractive to a diverse workforce is to enhance your accessibility to accommodate the needs of everyone. For example, you should allow employees to honour various cultural holidays, much like many firms offer a paid beak over Christmas. Similarly, you should make your technology user-friendly for people of all ages, physical capabilities, and lingual abilities.

With this being said, do you know how to increase diversity in engineering?

Greater Access to a Wider Talent Pool 

First thing’s first, diverse engineering means that you’re given a greater access to a wider talent pool. In turn, the knowledge of your team will increase and their creativity will be enhanced. UK energy networks are currently experiencing a massive transformation, meaning innovation and creativity in the engineering sector are very much in demand. A diverse team results in a wider range of experiences and views, leading to a more stimulating and rich working environment. An inclusive culture that welcomes an array of viewpoints allows creativity to flourish.

Productive and Motivated Teams

When employees feel as though they’re part of a greater whole, they’re more likely to be engaged in their role and perform better. Therefore, not only is productivity boosted, but retention rates are also increased, resulting in a consistent and stable workforce. This consistent workforce allows employees to develop a stronger relationship, causing a strengthened collaboration. One of the biggest struggles for diversity and inclusion in engineering revolves around gender; however, businesses in the highest quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to have financial returns above their national industry median.

Effective Problem-Solving and Fast Learning

People with diverse mindsets are better equipped to tackle a multitude of problems that are thrown their way. On top of this, employees are given the opportunity to learn from one another due to a variation of mindsets. This is particularly vital to the engineering industry as the entire premise is pretty much built on problem solving. Engineering is all about efficiency, and to achieve maximum efficiency, trial and error need to be implemented.

Positive Partnerships

Engineering involves liaising with a multitude of other companies, each of which you’ll want a positive relationship with. A diverse supply chain provides a business with a multitude of benefits, including new ways of looking at product development. On top of this, external companies will be more inclined to work alongside businesses with a diverse workforce as this displays a company’s ethics. Providing people of all backgrounds with equal opportunities is at the forefront of employment concerns worldwide.

Satisfied Customers

As far as any company is concerned, customers are what drive you towards success. The benefits that diversity in engineering brings to your company result in a more successful team and, consequently, happier customers. Research demonstrates that companies with an inclusive culture attain a greater customer satisfaction. Equality, inclusion, and diversity act as key strategic drivers for engineering clients everywhere, meaning that a diverse workforce is a huge part of retaining your clients’ custom.

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