In terms of marketing, there are more vacancies than there are available candidates, which makes marketing a candidate-driven market. As a result, any company wondering how to recruit marketers must take the necessary steps to make their opportunity more enticing than everyone else’s.

Marketing professionals are in the driver’s seat when it comes to recruitment in this sector, meaning they can afford to demand more from the recruitment process. Any company looking to attract the attention of quality marketing candidates will need to meet these demands as closely as possible; otherwise, they run the risk of losing them to another company.

Listed below are the best recruitment tips for 2022 for attracting and maintaining the interest of marketing candidates.

Recruit the best person for the role rather than someone with industry knowledge

Firstly, when it comes to UK recruitment tips, we always suggest hiring the best person for the role, rather than someone with the most industry knowledge. What this means is, that if a recent graduate with zero marketing experience seems like a better fit for the job than a marketing professional that has been in the industry for 30 years, go with the graduate.

There’s no denying that industry knowledge is handy, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. When you hire someone fresh out of university, they’re still in that learning mindset, meaning they should be able to pick up anything you teach them with relative ease. Always remember that in order to obtain knowledge, one must first be given opportunities to learn.

Differentiate yourself from other employers to increase the volume of high-calibre applications

When scrolling through job ads for the same roles at different companies, the descriptions can start to roll into one and sound incredibly samey. Therefore, one of the best recruiting tips we can offer is differentiating yourself from this pool of employers in some way.

Being in a candidate-driven market, marketers can afford to be picky with the vacancies that they apply for. Consequently, high-calibre candidates aren’t going to apply for a vacancy that is exactly the same as the rest.

In order to successfully recruit quality candidates, employers must find the unique selling point of their opportunity and make this known within the job description.

Be prepared to make a fast offer when you meet the right candidate

The world of marketing recruitment moves incredibly quickly, meaning that you need to get in there fast with your offers when you meet the right candidate. While a high-calibre candidate is waiting for your response, they’re likely receiving responses from plenty of other employers. Therefore, if you leave a candidate hanging, you run the risk of losing them to a company that was more on the ball with its recruitment strategy.

Although it’s important for candidates to show enthusiasm towards a job opportunity, it’s equally important for a company to display enthusiasm for a candidate. This way, they’ll feel valued, making them more inclined to accept a job offer and deliver quality work.

Manage your recruitment process in reverse

Reverse recruitment refers to the process in which companies apply for candidates rather than the other way around. This allows you to match the candidate to the required qualifications early in the hiring process, minimising the amount of time wasted for employers and job seekers alike. Additionally, it enables you to reach out to candidates that aren’t necessarily job-seeking, reducing the amount of competition that you may encounter. Finally, it also facilitates you in building a diverse workforce, which is an important feature of establishing a strong team.

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