When it comes to winning new clients and customers, it’s important to establish rapport immediately. Strong relationships have always been central to a successful business. Having great rapport with a customer ensures smooth communication and enables you to build trust. In sales, building relationships is essential for the customer experience and for increasing the chances of that customer becoming a long-term partner. There’s a variety of ways to build rapport on a sales call and close more deals. Read on to find out how you can create the best relationships with your prospects.


On a sales call, you must be your authentic self. In this way, you’ll be demonstrating that you’re a confident and sincere professional, which will enable you to build a more positive and engaging relationship with your prospect. Being authentic means showing your true personality and emphasising with the person you’re speaking with, and giving your prospect a chance to express themselves. When you’re honest about your intentions and create an equal conversation, you’ll be able to build exceptional rapport, increasing your chances of making a sale.


The best salespeople truly listen to their prospect. In a sales call, it’s important to focus on the person you’re speaking with rather than on your personal agenda. While your sales team have targets to reach, it’s crucial that calls with new prospects don’t feel like a transaction. This means your sales executives need to avoid giving potential clients and customers a “hard sell”, and instead focus more on having a genuine, open conversation. By understanding the prospect’s words and point of view, a salesperson can understand their buyers’ perspective, fostering more trust and commitment.


There’s no question that people do business with people they respect and can identify with. That’s why making a real connection is imperative to the success of a salesperson. The best way to spark a connection and build rapport is by asking prospects questions about their problems and objectives. As a sales leader, you need to have trained your team to understand that prospects are only interested in the problems they’re currently facing. That’s why it’s crucial that your salespeople make the conversation all about the prospect, and take the time to understand their needs.


When it comes to a sales call, it’s essential that you add value. The best salespeople understand the importance of digging deeper and asking about precise budget timelines, and how the product or service will solve their problems. Sales executives should be able to demonstrate specialist knowledge of their products and services, positioning them as a valuable resource to the customer. When a client or customer recognises that you’re an expert, they’ll be more interested in your sales pitch, which in turn, builds further rapport. Another way to provide value and create stronger rapport is by telling prospects what’s unique about your service or product, compared to other businesses. Building rapport with prospects is about showing your value and how you can help over the long-term.


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