We spend our days talking to marketers. From assistants to directors, content writers to social gurus, lead generators to website wizards, FMCG specialists to B2B enthusiasts. So, we get to know a lot about the industry. Not as much as you perhaps, but we find out the best places to go for more information.

You probably already read many of these marketing blogs. But there might be one or two you haven’t come across. And if knowledge is power, by keeping up to get date with these you’ll wow your colleagues, impress your boss and take the next step on the career ladder.

So, here are 14 marketing blogs you need to read that will progress your marketing career.

Heinz Marketing

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face in your marketing career is aligning with sales.  Matt Heinz has written his blog with this in mind! There’s great advice on how to achieve it along with strong B2B marketing posts that will have you sprouting new ideas and campaigns in no time.

Marketing Insider Group Blog

We’ll let Michael Brenners bio do the talking for this one! He’s a globally-recognized keynote speaker on leadership, culture, and marketing. Author of the bestselling book The Content Formula, his work has been featured by The Economist, The Guardian, and Entrepreneur Magazine. In 2017, he was named a Top Business Speaker by The Huffington Post and a top CMO Influencer by Forbes.

MarTech Today

These days your knowledge of tech is as important as your knowledge of marketing! MarTech Today offers some great insight into the changing tech landscape and what you need to know to get up the career ladder and impress (or baffle) your boss!

Kissmetrics Blog

We’re not in an episode of Mad Men. We can’t sit around drinking whiskey at 11am discussing how audiences will ‘feel’ about our campaigns. We need facts, figures, data, numbers, insights…what ever you call it, it’s what will prove you’re an asset to the business. Kissmetrics has lots of great tips and advice on how to do it.

Copy Blogger

We love this blog! You’re a marketeer. You need to write great words that sell and compel people to do stuff. Never again will you say ‘Writing isn’t my strong point’ – read this blog and learn.

Content Marketing Institute

THE blog to go to for content marketing advice and ideas. We’re drowning in it now, there’s so much out there. To get on in your career you need to come up with new ideas that will stand your business out from the crowd. Better keep up to date with this one then!

Hubspot Sales & Hubspot Marketing

It wouldn’t be a blog list without these two! You probably already read them because they answer the questions marketers want to know the answers to. But why the sales blog? You should be reading about the issues faced by your sales cousins – you take time to learn about external audiences you’re trying to influence, so why not internal ones!


Another great inbound marketing blog that gives great advice on everything from content and customer journeys to social media and lead generating campaigns. Keep up to date to wow your colleagues with the latest thinking!

Search Engine Land

So much SEO wizardry in one place it’s mind boggling! SEO is not as easy as it once was but some incredibly detailed and insightful posts here that will have your content top of the rankings in no time. And your boss patting you on the back a job well done!

Moz Blog

You can’t have an SEO blog without mentioning Rand Fishkin. Search him in Google and their very own Matt Cutts appears as an alternative suggestion. That’s influence! These guys know SEO from ‘what does it stand for’ to ‘how does canonical tagging help with duplicate content’. Keep up to date with these guys.

Social Media Examiner

Want to know what size your LinkedIn profile picture should be or an image for your Twitter post? Or maybe you’re building a case for Facebook remarketing and need to know about custom audiences? They’ve got you covered! A great blog to help influence your colleagues on the power of social media.


No one does conversion optimisation like Unbounce! We love this topic because we’re always astounded by how such small change have such a big impact on sign ups, downloads and sales. Keep up to date with these techniques and start astounding your sales teams with a wealth of new leads.

LinkedIn Sales Blog

Another sales blog in the list! But I’m a marketer I hear you cry! Yes, but social selling is a great topic where you have common ground with your sales colleagues. And as LinkedIn is the biggest b2b social network it’s worth listening to what they say.