Talking about workplace culture can be an emotive subject, so it is important to prepare in advance how to ask cultural questions during the interview process to ensure that you approach them correctly. Follow our checklist here to make sure you stick to the right path.

Start with open-ended questions.

Your questions are a perfect vehicle to gain a better understanding of your marketing jobs candidates’ thought processes. Don’t close them off with closed questions. Make sure that your questions are open-ended and give them the opportunity to demonstrate their fit for your company.

Ask about their ideal work environment.

Everybody has an ideal environment in which they would like to work. Your candidate’s answers will be a good indication of whether they will fit with your existing environment. That said, don’t ignore answers that don’t fit – if they are more aspirational, take note – they could be the driving force that helps you to get there.

Use behavioural questions.

Behavioural questions help a recruiter to assess how a candidate might react to, or manage, certain situations. An example might be: ‘Tell me about a mistake you have made at work and what you have done to correct it.’

Ask about company values.

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability are hugely important in the working world today. It is important in marketing jobs to have an understanding and empathy with the values that drive CSR.

Ask about work-life balance.

The importance of work life balance has established itself in workplace culture, and following the change in working practices post-pandemic, its role in an individual’s life is more prominent than ever. Equally, with a shortage of good talent, many savvy candidates know that achieving their desired work-life balance is more in their control than ever before.

Ask about diversity and inclusion.

Since the Equality Act 2012, it is essential that diversity and inclusion in recruitment are handled to reflect the legal requirements of the workplace. In turn, this feeds into the values that an individual client may bring into that workplace and whether they may cause harmony or friction.

Ask about collaboration.

Workplaces are collaborative places. The understanding of collaboration and the ability to collaborate on multiple levels is crucial to a productive environment. While leadership in marketing jobs is important, so is the ability to give others the space to perform their roles to the best of their abilities. Someone who plays their cards close to their chest and doesn’t delegate could ultimately cause too many blockages.

Ask about communication.

Equally, the ability to communicate is vital to the smooth running of a project. While your candidates may be applying for marketing and communications jobs – if they cannot communicate themselves, they are not going to be positive additions to the team.

Ask about professional development.

Personal and professional development within the workplace helps to inject proactivity and creative thinking. A candidate who expresses enthusiasm for continuing their own personal and professional development will be more likely to contribute to an overall drive to improve the workplace culture.

Ask about leadership.

Whatever level of candidate you are interviewing, it is important to understand what their views on leadership are. How do they characterise a good leader? What makes a good leader? What makes a bad leader? What is the best way to motivate a team? How do you handle conflict in a team? An understanding of good leadership skills, no matter where a candidate is in their career journey, will give you a good indication of their future potential.

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