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We help companies identify and assess the best emerging sales talent on the market and ensure they have the structure, knowledge and confidence to realise their potential through professional sales training.

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Identifying graduate talent

We invest heavily in attracting graduates so you get access to the best up and coming talent on the market. We advertise on job boards, post on social media, run email, SEO and PPC campaigns, write engaging website content and of course form partnerships with universities.

Assessing sales potential

We host weekly assessment days for between 30 to 45 candidates in London, Coventry and Warrington. They are assessed against a set of 5 competences and participate in a range of sales simulation exercises, role plays and interviews so we can assess their true sales potential.

13 days sales training

Our ISMM endorsed, 13-day training programme is designed to give your new starters the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop quickly. All courses are highly interactive, based on experiential learning and deliver a high degree of sales simulation exercises.

Case Studies

How we assess candidates

Effective questioning

An ability to probe effectively, to fact find, to interpret different situations and use judgement and logic to develop potential solutions.

Persuasive communication

Communicate effectively and sensitively with others whilst also being able to change hearts and minds. Able to deliver information concisely and accurately.

Relationship building

Able to establish positive relationships and mutual respect with people at all levels. The ability to engage effectively both face to face and over the phone.

Resilience and tenacity

Positive ‘can do’ sense of inner confidence, resilience and integrity. Is not afraid of confrontation

Delivering outcomes

Is highly motivated to achieve success. Sets goals and strives to exceed them. Is also able to organise and plan work effectively.

- 9 April
Warrington £795 + VAT
- 15 April
Coventry £795 + VAT
- 16 April
Warrington £795 + VAT


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Our Clients

Identifying Emerging Talent Identifying Emerging Talent

Each bespoke assessment was well organised and the ideal environment to see candidates perform - above all led to some great hires.

HR Manager, Leyton Associates

The calibre of candidates put forward was exceptional. The assessments really gave us the chance to see how they would perform

Paul Ballinger, Managing Director, Nine Telecom

It was a great way to see how people react in real commercial situations and their potential for
a career in sales.

Dave Ableman, Sales Development Lead, Cvent