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Join Us at an Exclusive Sales Leader Dining Event

28th November, 6pm, 1 Lombard Street, London

What's it about?

It’s an informal dinner that brings together 12 to 15 senior sales leaders to discuss their every day issues in a relaxed and informal environment.


Why should I go?

Smaller groups encourage greater debate, sharing of experiences and in-depth discussion so you’ll pick up ideas to help you build and nurture high performing sales teams.


When and where is it?

We’ll be hosting the dinner on Thursday 28th November from 6pm at the private dining room at 1 Lombard Street, London.

How are you attracting sales talent?

We are in a well-established candidate market. Revenue leakage from vacant territories is costing half of UK businesses money. But are you really addressing the needs of candidates? Do you really know what motivates them and what they look for from a new role? How can you develop them so they stay?

Join us at this exclusive dining event at 1 Lombard Street, London on Thursday 28th November from 6pm to discuss these issues. Also on the agenda; sales training and business impact, interview questioning and employer branding.



Market Insight Market Insight

Join us at an exclusive sales dinner to gain insight into what candidates really look for from a new sales role, what sales professionals want from their careers and what companies can do to address these challenges.

“Excellent roundtable. Good venue, good food, great company and great debate!”

Sales Director, Dimension Data