Build your career with a social purpose at Sedex

Do the most meaningful work of your career and join us at Sedex. Built on a social purpose, Sedex is an ethical trade organisation working with over 60,000 companies to manage risks in their supply chain that affect people’s working conditions, such as forced labour and environmental impacts. To do this, we provide the world’s leading technology platform and innovative tools for companies to source responsibly and operate sustainably.

Our close knit team is diverse, passionate and experienced, designing and delivering great services that create social equality and improve environmental standards at a global scale. You will be joining Sedex at a truly exciting time as we work on the first year of our ambitious five-year business strategy, that is set to significantly grow the business. If you are interested in becoming part of our growing company, driving your own career and working with leading global brands and outstanding people, then come join us to transform the world through responsible business.

Our values and benefits

At Sedex, we are passionate about helping business become truly sustainable and ethical across their operations and supply chains. We believe that all people have the right to work in a safe workplace, where they are treated with respect and paid fair wages, free of harassment and discrimination. Working with some of the world’s most recognisable brands and standard-setting organisations, we impact over 33 million people globally. We believe that, working with the right information and technologies, business really can shape the future of global trade to have an increasingly positive impact worldwide.

As part of your career, we offer our staff:

  • A competitive salary and staff benefits
  • Working in a global company in a friendly and supportive working environment
  • Great central city location
  • Business values of protecting people, and acting with fairness, kindness and openness
  • Career development and a supportive team environment

Meet Some of Our People
Sedex is an amazing place to work - from positive people to ethical culture. At Sedex. you are not just promoting more sustainable supply chains. you are having a measurable impact on people's lives.
Alexander Walrut
At Sedex, you are encouraged to give ideas and feel like they are heard. Alongside a supportive culture. the best thing is working with a fantastic group of people dedicated to improving workers situation.
Rosie Iron
I enjoy working at Sedex because it allows me to grow and I have found all the necessary support to further my career. There are always exciting opportunities and I feel supported as everyone is very open to sharing their knowledge.
Soraya Cadimba

Our Vision

What is responsible sourcing?

Responsible sourcing is an approach to sourcing and supply chains. It’s when an organisation actively and consciously sources and procures products and services for their operations in an ethical, sustainable and socially conscious way.

Why it's important

Businesses have a responsibility to understand the impact their activities can have, and to limit any negative impacts. This includes understanding the impact of suppliers’ operations. This responsibility is often a formal legal requirement for companies operating within a country or selling to its people.

Who we work with

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