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IGEA studies the clinical application of physical stimuli to biological systems.

Our mission is to improve patients’ quality of life by developing and producing innovative, effective and safe therapeutic systems for clinical practice.

IGEA develops biophysical treatments in two main areas:
– Orthopedics: to improve bone healing and joint preservation.
– Oncology: to treat cancer.

Orthopaedic Therapies
A safe treatment designed to promote the healing of a fracture, resolve joint and vertebral pathologies, and promote post-op recovery.
A precision therapy, like a tailored suit, takes into account each patient’s individual variability. Every patient is unique, which is why we offer not just therapies for different conditions, but therapies for different patients.

Developed like a drug according to a strict research and development process that scientifically guarantees therapeutic effectiveness and safety.


Electroporation is a physical phenomenon that leads to the permeabilisation of cell membranes through the application of electrical pulses.

It can be reversible when permeabilisation is temporary, or irreversible when it results in cell death following irreparable damage to the cell membrane.


Gene Therapies

Electro-Gene-Transfer (EGT) is the transfer of genetic material (Nucleic acids, plasmids) into cells by applying electrical pulses.

Once inside the cell, the nucleic acid will give rise to one or more proteins that will produce the desired therapeutic or prophylactic effect.

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