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A global leader in digital training


Attensi is a Norwegian company specialised in gamified simulation-based corporate training. Attensi has grown to be a global leader in the field, and our solutions combine advanced 3D modelling with deep insight into human behaviour and psychology, training employees in authentic situations that involve human interaction and operation of business critical software and systems.



Attensi aspires to be a global leader in digital training. And we know that the only way to succeed in this ambition is  to focus on rapid iterative development, distributed decision power among our employees, broad involvement of employees in technology development, and engagement and fun at work.

Attensi has an open, inclusive work culture. We strive to avoid strict hierarchies and limitations in roles and responsibilities. We seek employees that are multidisciplinary and multitasking, because we believe people with such capabilities are able to empower and inspire their team members, iterate quickly, and develop great solutions. An agile and open work environment are key building blocks of Attensi’s organisation.


Working at Attensi gives me a strong feeling of purpose. I get to work on technology and solutions that are new and different, helping people develop their skills.

Jon Inge Stenberg, Attensi

“Due to the success we consider Attensi to be a key platform for online operational improvement initiatives”

Pål Vibe, CEO Europris