4 ways to sell your company culture at an interview

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When it comes to recruiting quality candidates, you need to be able to effectively sell your company culture and its value. In a challenging and competitive market, candidates have more control over their careers than ever before. This means your company must have a great employer brand, an exceptional reputation and strong leaders at the helm.

The importance of culture lies in the impact it can have on employees. When employees feel happy at work, they will likely be more productive. According to Brian & Company’s “Time. Talent. Energy”, an employee who feels inspired and engaged at the workplace is 125 per cent more productive. But to get to that point, you must be able to show the benefits of your culture in an interview and what a candidate will gain by working at your company. With so much talent on the market, selling your organisation can be a challenge. So below, we’ve outlined four of the best ways you can open the attention of great candidates and showcase your company as the thriving organisation that it is.


One of the best ways to sell your company culture to candidates is through storytelling. This means using concrete examples of how your culture has grown over the years, and how it can contribute to a candidate’s career. When you interview candidates, you’ll need to showcase your employee value proposition (EVP). Simply put, this is the value an employer promises to deliver to an employee. In the current candidate-driven market, it’s all the more important you identify what makes your company culture unique and the main reasons why people feel motivated to work for your company. Strong workplace stories can reveal a lot about your company, as well as convey positive messages that inspire more interest from candidates. From discussing new clients you’ve recently secured to telling positive stories about your team, there’s an array of areas you could delve into. Overall, building a meaningful connection with a candidate is the key to a successful interview.


While describing the benefits of your company culture and workplace might seem obvious, it becomes increasingly important as you progress through the interview stages. Once you reach the final rounds of interviews, you need to put extra effort into selling the company, particularly when you have a candidate in mind that you want to hire. Whether your company has training programmes, flexible working options or opportunities to relocate, you need to emphasise the key benefits that you’re culture offers. When it comes to recruiting for sales, you also need to make it clear whether your company has a growth-oriented culture or a performance-based culture. This will enable you to find the right candidates for your organisation to ensure they make a strong start when they join.


Every company has a set of core values that set them apart from other businesses. Whether your organisation values teamwork, entrepreneurialism or flexibility, you need to show candidates what makes your company intrinsically special. The core values of your company represent the essence of your business and culture. They’re massively important for keeping your employees engaged. Today, more and more employees want to have a sense of purpose at work and feel a connection to the company. Share your core values by explaining why and how your company is an important place to work. Use examples of the type of people that succeed and how your core values benefit employees.


During an interview with a candidate, you must discuss the plans for the future, as these could affect the job role. How has your culture changed over the years? What do you plan to do to take the company forward in the future? When you have clearly defined plans for the future, it shows employees your company is forward-thinking and that you have a culture that’s built on ambition. The best salespeople are driven and goal-oriented, so make sure you signal that your company is always looking to grow and expand.


Organisational culture is hugely important for the success of your business, and for attracting the best candidates. Our consultants here at BMS are experts at recruiting the best talent for sales roles. We’re committed to helping businesses with their recruitment and ensuring they build successful teams for the long-term. If you’re looking to recruit new sales talent, contact us today or to find out how we can help.


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